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During the epidemic prevention, how do ordinary citizens do personal protection?

1280 2020.03.27

1、Minimize out-of-town activities, and reduce to crowded public places, such as theaters, Internet cafes, KTVs, shopping malls, etc.

2、Avoid going to seafood markets, live poultry markets or farms; avoid contact with animals (including wild animals) or their droppings; do not eat game and visit restaurants where game is provided.

3、Wear medical surgical masks when going out to public places, seeking medical treatment, or taking public transportation. Avoid close contact with patients, especially those with symptoms of acute respiratory infections. Communicate with people at a distance of over 1 meter.

4、Wash your hands frequently to maintain hand hygiene. Reduce contact with public goods in public places, return from public places, cover your hands with a cough or sneeze, wash your hands with soap or running soap before running a meal, or use alcohol-free hand sanitizer; not sure whether your hands are clean ,avoid touching your nose,mouth and eyes with your hands.

5、Maintain good hygiene and health habits. Open windows at home, keep ventilated, do not spit, and wrap the nose and nose secretions with paper before discarding. Cover your mouth and nose with elbow clothing when sneezing or coughing.

6、After a visitor (unknown health condition) visits, disinfect the surface of related objects in the room in time. You can choose an effective disinfectant or disinfection wipes to wipe and disinfect.

7、Pay attention to food safety and hygiene. Do not eat raw or undercooked milk, eggs, and meat. Do not eat food that may be contaminated by animal secretions and excreta (such as urine).

8、Enhance physical fitness and immunity. Balanced diet, moderate exercise, regular work and rest. .

9、When the floor is not high or there are many people in the elevator, you should avoid taking the box elevator as much as possible. It is recommended to take the stairs. Residents should wear a mask when entering the elevator to minimize contact with the surface of the elevator, and reduce their hands such as rubbing their eyes and plucking their noses.

10、Proactive health monitoring of individuals and family members. Households are equipped with thermometers, medical surgical masks, household disinfection supplies and other materials. If you have symptoms of respiratory infections such as fever and cough, especially if you have been to an area where the disease is prevalent before the onset of the disease, you should wear a surgical mask and go to the hospital in your area to send a hot or emergency department clinic and inform them.

11、Go to or go to the hospital as little as possible. Urgent and critically ill patients who must see a doctor immediately should choose a medical institution that can meet the needs and have a small number of outpatients, and avoid developing hot and emergency departments as much as possible.