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Popularization and prevention of new coronavirus

1333 2020.03.27

Every outbreak of coronavirus is a very painful memory for humans!

This new coronavirus is not our first time dealing with the large family of coronaviruses. As early as the 1960s, the first human coronavirus was isolated for the first time. This virus can be seen under the electron microscope as a corona-like periphery. Corona is therefore called Coronaviridae. In 1975, the virus naming committee officially named the Coronaviridae.


The coronavirus that caused the outbreak is a new coronavirus named 2019-nCoV. It is the seventh known coronavirus that can infect humans. Like other coronaviruses, it is also derived from animals. At present, scientists believe that Pangolin is a potential intermediate host for a new coronavirus.

About the transmission of new crown virus

According to news, the outbreak prevention and control work conference introduced that the transmission routes of new coronary pneumonia that can be identified at present are mainly direct transmission, aerosol transmission and contact transmission.

Direct transmission refers to the infection caused by the patient's sneezing, coughing, talking droplets, and exhaled gas directly inhaled.

Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of droplets in the air to form aerosols which cause infection after inhalation.

Contact transmission refers to the deposition of droplets on the surface of an article, contacting and contaminating hands, and then contacting the mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and eyes, causing infection.

And official Weibo said that the detection of 2019-nCoV nucleic acid (new coronavirus) positive in the stool of some patients with pneumonia confirmed by new coronavirus infection is likely to indicate the presence of live virus in the stool.

How to prevent it effectively?

The reason why the new coronavirus is frightening is that our body's immune system has never contacted it. It can cause severe inflammation (pneumonia) in the lungs, which can lead to critical illness such as dyspnea and hypoxia.

Because it is a notorious virus, antibiotics can't help it, and there are no effective drugs at present, so we must be more cautious in the prevention method.

Reduce unnecessary outings, avoid places with a large flow of people, wear masks (medical surgical masks and N95 masks), maintain ventilation and cleanliness at home, maintain hand hygiene at all times, wash hands with disinfectant, under the premise of uncertainty whether the hands are hygienic Do not touch the nose, mouth and eyes.

Compared with respiratory tract transmission, the ability of fecal transmission may be weaker. In short, washing hands frequently and washing hands before eating and drinking water can achieve better prevention of transmission. There are also some disinfection measures for toilets and toilets, such as using chlorine-based cleaners.

Take the initiative to do a good health test for family members, and take the initiative to measure body temperature when you have a fever. Seek medical attention if suspicious symptoms appear.