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How do individuals cooperate in epidemic prevention and control?

1401 2020.03.27

Everyone has a responsibility to prevent pneumonia from a new coronavirus infection.

Anyone should assist, cooperate, and obey the prevention and control work organized by government departments in accordance with the law, starting from consciously wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, ventilating, not going to many places, do a good job of self-protection, and accept relevant agencies for infectious diseases Preventive control measures such as investigation, sample collection, testing, isolation and treatment, and provide relevant information truthfully.

Pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection is a Class B infectious disease, but it is managed as a Class A infectious disease. In the prevention and control of infectious diseases, it is necessary to control the source of infection, especially some people who are asymptomatic with the new coronavirus. It is very important to observe at home for 14 days, and to take self-monitoring of body temperature one morning and one night.

People returning from the epidemic area are responsible for their own and other people ’s health. Within 14 days of return, they must take the initiative to accept or carry out temperature monitoring every morning and evening to minimize and avoid public transportation and public places; Masks should be worn for personal protection.

When fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms return from the place where the epidemic occurred, they should immediately go to the nearest medical institution for a fever clinic and cooperate with the medical staff to inquire about their health.

Suspected patients, confirmed patients, and close contacts of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia should cooperate with relevant agencies to conduct investigations, isolation treatment, and home observation.