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Epidemic prevention-solidarity and cooperation are the most important

1237 2020.03.31

The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread rapidly worldwide. According to data released by the World Health Organization, there are more than 400,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, affecting almost all countries. In the face of such a severe situation facing human beings, the most important thing is unity, and the most urgent thing is cooperation!

In fact, the world has long recognized the rules for naming diseases and viruses. According to the "Best Practices for Naming New Human Infectious Diseases" published by the World Health Organization in May 2015, the principle of naming diseases and viruses is to minimize the unnecessary negative impact of disease names on trade, tourism, animal welfare, and also Avoid violations against any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic group. These rules were jointly issued by the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and represent the common views of three international organizations, which have been recognized globally. According to this, after virus discovery and epidemic occurrence, the World Health Organization, after some modifications and adjustments, announced that the disease caused by the new coronavirus was officially named COVID-19, where CO stands for corona (corona) and VI stands for virus (virus). D stands for disease (disease), 19 stands for year, and the Chinese meaning of the name is "coronavirus disease in 2019". This is a well-founded, scientific and reasonable name.

As the front line of the fight against the epidemic, China, while at the same time coordinating and advancing the epidemic prevention and control and the deployment of economic and social development, has also done its utmost to provide assistance in the areas of funding, materials, technology and other aspects of the global epidemic, Sharing experience in prevention and control with regional platforms, deepening international cooperation in epidemic prevention, and fulfilling responsibility for global public health security. This will not only 

provide China's assistance to countries around the world to overcome the epidemic, but also provide China's impetus to restore economic development after the epidemic, and provide a Chinese solution to improve global public health governance. As General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly pointed out during phone conversations with foreign leaders and heads of international organizations, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic once again shows that mankind is a community of shared destiny. In the era of economic globalization, such a major emergency will not be the last one, and various traditional and non-traditional security issues will continue to bring new tests. The international community must build a sense of community for the future of mankind, watch and help each other, work together to build a human health community, and build a better home for the planet.

On March 26, President Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech at the special summit meeting of the leaders of the Group of Twenty for New Coronary Pneumonia that the epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia is spreading globally. What the international community needs most is firm confidence, concerted efforts, and united response to strengthen the international Cooperate to form a strong force to overcome the epidemic, and work together to win this human struggle against major infectious diseases. Against the background of the international community's urgent desire to strengthen cooperation and jointly fight the epidemic, using the G20, an important platform for global crisis response and economic governance, will surely achieve important results in solidarity and cooperation, thereby enhancing the confidence of the world's people to overcome the epidemic.