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BESTON Continuous Charcoal Machine

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The traditional method of making charcoal cannot achieve continuous carbonization, resulting in low economic benefits; and the carbonization process will release a lot of smoke and dust, causing air pollution.

Therefore, Beston develops and manufactures a continuous charcoal making machine that is more economically valuable. The new continuous charcoal making machine can be used to carbonize biomass(such as: wood, coconut shells, jute sticks,etc.), sludge and domestic garbage, without smoke and pollution throughout the process.



What Materials Can The Carbonization Equipment Handle?


Biomass shells: sawdust, wood, plant stalks, rice husks,  Coffee husk, Straw...


Sludge: Municipal sludge, River sludge, Domestic sludge...


Waste: Domestic waste, Industrial waste, Electronic waste..



Successful Cases of BESTON Charcoal Making Machine


Beston specializes in the R&D and manufacture of continuous carbonization machines. The equipment has been successfully exported to 45 countries including Turkey, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine and Ghana. The equipment runs well and has great economic benefits, which is well received by customers.

Technical Data of the Charcoal Making Machine



The Features of BESTON Charcoal Making Machine:



1: Beston carbonizer has successfully carbonized hundreds of materials (rice husk, coconut husk, palm shell, peach kernel, sawdust, sludge, etc.).


2: Equipment can be customized according to customer needs.


3: There is no polluting smoke emission during the carbonization production process, which is extremely environmentally friendly.


4: Recycling of biogas, saving fuel.


5: Beston charcoal making machine can work continuously for 5-10 days, reducing the number of startups and saving fuel.


End product of the Charcoal Making Machine:



After the process which includes high temperature pyrolysis, the end product we get is man-made carbon which owns fixed higher carbon content (about 90%), Compared with the general coal, it is about twice its carbon content.


In addition, tar, wood vinegar, and combustible gas can be obtained during the carbonization process.

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Interested in our products? Please give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply to you in 6 hours.

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