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Concrete mobile bacthing plant AJY60

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Concrete mobile bacthing plant AJY60

Do you frequently change construction sites? If you answered yes, then this product is highly recommended for you!

The mobile concrete bacthing plant is made by forcibly mechanically mixing semi-dry hard concrete, non-slump concrete, fluid concrete, and various mix concrete mixes. It is used for small engineering volume, short construction period, and scattered construction sites. The construction project is especially suitable for short-distance roads, small bridges, and green construction.

The bacthing machine of the concrete bacthing plant adopts modular design, fast disassembly and assembly, convenient conversion, saving land occupation, low energy consumption, no concrete foundation , and usually a horizontal cement silo is used.

Mobile concrete bacthing plant vs stationary concrete bacthing plant

The general concrete bacthing plant mainly refers to a staionary mixing plant, which is mainly used for large-scale concrete production. Generally, it can be divided into a commercial mixing plant and an engineering mixing plant according to the purpose.

General concrete bacthing plantn equipment configuration: The equipment of the stationary concrete bacthing station is mainly equipped with the main structure, mixer, batching machine, cement silo, weighing system, electric system, pneumatic system, aggregate lifting system, control room, and the concrete bacthing plant also equipped with equipment such as mixer trucks, concrete pumps, etc. The system is relatively complex, but has a good working ability and coordination ability.

Buyers of mobile concrete bacthing plant generally have two uses, one is to undertake temporary projects for self-use of concrete production, and the other is to use the mobile concrete bacthing plant's good mobility and special features for lease. In temporary projects, longer roads, high-speed rail projects, and projects with insufficient construction space, mobile concrete bacthing plants are often seen.

Equipment configuration of the mobile concrete bacthing plant:

 Compared with the stationary concrete bacthing plant, the mobile concrete bacthing plant is a compact and simple system batching plant, mixer, batching machine, control room, belt conveyor, weighing system, line cables, wheels And so on, are all on a traction tray with a towing unit, which is convenient to connect with the moving head. 

The mobile concrete bacthing plant has the following advantages:

1. Flexible movement and easy disassembly: Because the structure of the mobile concrete bacthing plant is simpler than that of the stationary concrete mixing station, the mobile concrete bacthing plant is more flexible in movement and easier in disassembly and assembly;

2. The transfer is convenient and fast: the main equipment of the concrete bacthing plant adopts a trailer chassis structure design, which integrates the batching machine, conveyor, mixer, control room, various weighing systems, additive systems, etc.

3. Fast installation: The mobile concrete bacthing plant has a high degree of assembly. All components are manufactured in the factory and assembled at the construction site. The structure of the whole plant reduces the high-strength bolts by 70%, which makes the installation accurate and quick, and the workload is small.

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