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Concrete Pump ABT80

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  • Name:

    Concrete Pump ABT80

  • Max. theo. concrete output:


  • Min. theo. concrete output:


  • Minimum pumping concrete pressure:


  • Maximum pumping concrete pressure:


  • Distribution valve type:

    S Valve

  • Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke:


  • Hopper capacity:


  • Outlet diameter:


  • Diesel engine model:


  • Electrical engineering power:


  • Rotate speed:


  • Circuit type:

    Open circuit

  • Pumping system pressure:


  • Capacity of oil tank:


  • The biggest transportation is away from vertically (/Level):


  • Max. aggregate diameter:

    Scree: 40/50mm

  • Inside diameter of delivering pipe:


  • Dimensions:length×width×height:


  • Total weight :


What is a concrete trailer pump?

Concrete pumps are used in many places for construction. Its advantage is that in places where many small carts cannot reach, it can directly fill the main parts of the concrete, and it can also assist in solidification and forming. Urban or rural is a very indispensable product. With the economic development in recent years, the pace of construction has begun to accelerate. Concrete transfer pumps play an important role in the growing construction market. The performance of the concrete conveying pump is stable and reliable, and it is constantly infused with modern factors. It is loved by users for its flexibility and speed.

How does the concrete trailer pump work?

When the hydraulic system pressure oil enters the main oil cylinder, the piston rod is extended, and at the same time, the other piston rod is retracted by the pressure oil of the sealing circuit communication pipe.

The concrete conveying piston connected to the piston rod of the main oil cylinder generates a self-priming effect in the conveying cylinder when it is retracted. The concrete in the hopper is sucked into the conveying cylinder through the sliding valve suction port under the effect of atmospheric pressure and the boosting action of the stirring blade.

At the same time, the other main oil cylinder pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder out under the action of oil pressure, and simultaneously pushes the concrete piston out of the concrete in the conveying cylinder, and enters the concrete conveying pipe through the sliding valve conveying port Y-shaped pipe.

After the action is completed, the system automatically switches to make the pressure oil enter another main oil cylinder to complete another suction and delivery stroke of a different delivery cylinder. Repeatedly, the concrete in the hopper is continuously sucked in and pressured out of the conveying cylinder, and reaches the operating point through the pipe connected to the Y-shaped pipe and the outlet to complete the pumping operation.

What parts does a concrete mixing pump consist of?

          Engine            /           Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Main Valve             /               Hydraulic Hose

How to choose a concrete trialer pump in the market?

a. Starting from the technical parameters, the following key technical parameters are mainly referred to:Delivery displacement, Outlet pressure, Motor power and Distribution valve form.

b. The user should choose the outlet pressure according to the actual needs of the project and the height of the conveying distance;

    Choose the range of output volume according to the ability of mixing and feeding;

    Choose the form of the distribution valve according to the aggregate of the pumped concrete

c. Look at the component configuration of the concrete pump

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