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Concrete Mixing Pump ABJZ40

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  • Name:

    Concrete Mixing Pump ABJZ40

  • Max. theo. concrete output :


  • Mixer rated feed capacity:

    0.56 m³

  • Mixer rated discharge capacity:

    0.45 m³

  • Max.concrete pumping pressure:


  • Distribution valve type:

    S Valve

  • Hopper capacity:


  • Outlet diameter:


  • Diesel engine model:

    Weichai National Level 2 Standard

  • Electrical engineering power:


  • Rotate speed:


  • Circuit type:

    Open circuit

  • Pumping system pressure:


  • Mixing system pressure:


  • Capacity of oil tank:


  • Max. aggregate diameter:

    Scree gravel: 40/50mm

  • Inside diameter of delivering pipe:


  • Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke:


What's the mixing pump?

When it comes to concrete mixing pumps, many people's first impression is: a machine followed by a long pipe to convey the mixed concrete to the building floor.

In fact, the concrete pouring construction on the floor is only one aspect of the mixing pump, and it has many uses. For example, township construction, rural water conservancy construction, highway construction, bridge construction, cast-in-place pile construction, hydropower stations, and small civil construction. It has the characteristics of small size, low power, simple operation, stable performance, etc., and is suitable for on-site mixing of concrete and large aggregate concrete.

In addition to pumping fine stone concrete, concrete mixing pumps can also pump mortar for ground and wall construction. It can be widely used in support linings for mines and underground engineering, wall spraying of buildings, and building structures. Strengthening,rock and soil slope stabilization, tunnel excavation, etc.

The mixing pump is a commonly used construction equipment,it’s popular all around the world becuse it is easy to move from one site to another site and combined the mixing function and pumping function in the one machine.

What parts does a concrete mixing pump consist of?

Power system、Hydraulic system

Feeding system、Frame system

Mixing system、Electronic control system

Lubrication system、Pumping system

Advantage of the concrete mixing pump

1. Integrate mixing and pumping to facilitate construction and improve work efficiency.

2, Using JZC450 type mixer, the mixing capacity is large, the mixing effect is good.

3. Integrated design makes the equipment occupy small space and flexible and convenient to move.

4, The electrical system is controlled by PLC, the control is simple, the performance is stable and reliable, and the degree of automation is high.

5. The lubrication system adopts automatic control, which consumes less fuel, has low use cost and high automation.

6, Advanced swing cylinder control system, the thrust increased by 50%, so that the S tube swing is fast and reliable.

7. The main oil pump adopts constant power variable displacement piston pump, which makes full use of the engine (motor) power and high system pressure.

 How to choose a concrete mixing pump in the market?

1. Building type and structure, site conditions, and surrounding environment are the primary considerations when buying a stirred tow pump type.

2. Consider the amount of condensation and pouring to ensure that the main performance parameters of the selected stirring pump are consistent with or slightly greater than the construction conditions. If the agitator pump is improperly selected and the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low, causing unnecessary waste. If the agitator pump is selected too small, it will not only meet the construction requirements, but also accelerate the loss of the pump truck.

3. For the whole machine of the stirring pump, it is necessary to select a machine with simple operation, high safety and good stability. In addition, the service life of the machine must be taken into account. The stirring pump is a kind of engineering machinery under high pressure. The loss of related components will be greater than that of general engineering machinery. It is definitely not a simple mixer plus a pumping integrated machine. For easy-to-wear components, it is important to ensure worry-free subsequent supply.

4. In the current market, high performance and low price are relatively good marketing models. However, in the prior art, if costs are reduced, concessions in performance and quality will definitely be made. In this way, the user experience will inevitably be seriously affected, so you must consider the corresponding cost ratio when selecting the concrete mixing pump, and do not blindly pursue the lower priceTrust me,In the case of infinite reduction in quality, the price is only lower and there is no minimum.



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