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Waste Tire/Plastic/Rubber Pyrolysis Plant BLJ-10(Horizontal)

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  • Name:

    Waste Tire/Plastic/Rubber Pyrolysis Plant BLJ-10(Horizontal)

  • Reactor:


  • Reactor motor:

    7.5 kw

  • Exhaust gas burner:


  • Carbon discharger:


  • Residual oil tank:


  • Tubular oil condenser:


  • Oil storage tank:


  • Water seal:


  • Flue condenser:


  • Draft fan:

    7.5 kw

  • Atomization tower:


  • Atomizing tower water tank:


  • Chimney:


  • Cooling Tower:


  • Burner:

    400000 kcal two-stage burner 2 sets

  • Oil Gas Manifold:



Beston waste pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tyre/rubber/plastic products into the fuel oil. With pyrolysis equipment, you can get fuel oil and carbon black from the rubber waste and plastic waste that are everywhere in our daily life. Pyrolysis plant is also known as tyre to oil plant, tyre recycling machine, plastic to oil machine, rubber oil plant, etc.


What Materials Can Beston Pyrolysis Plant Handle?


Waste Tires: mechanical tires, bead, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires and other tires.

Waste rubber: waste cable jackets, rubber soles, rubber gloves, seals, etc.

Plastic: waste acrylic (PMMA), PE,  PP.



Products Of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant 



You can use BESTON pyrolysis equipment to get the following products: 45% -55% fuel oil, 10% -15% steel wire, 30% -35% carbon black, 8% -10% flammable gas. This project can achieve 100% recycling of waste tires. You can not only get economic benefits, but also improve the local environment and avoid garbage pollution.





Waste Pyrolysis Process



1: Feed raw material into reactor by full-automatic feeding machine.

2: The reactor will be slowly heated, the oil gas will be formed.

3: The oil gas coming out from the reactor then goes to condensing system and becomes liquid oil. We adopt new-type condenser which can improve the oil yield efficiency and make the oil yield to the maximum.

4: The gas which can’t be liquefied under normal pressure will be designed to go back to combustion system through safety device. It can be recycled to heat the reactor as fuel, which will save energy for the whole working process.

5: The carbon black are discharged automatically while the waste materials are fed into reactor.





Why Choose BESTON Equipments over Others?



1: We have our own specialized factory, professional manufacturing teams and advanced technology to ensure the quality of products.

2: Complete model, equipment can be customized according to customer needs.

3: More than 60 after-sales engineers guarantee after-sales service at any time.

4: We make cost and profit estimates for you for free.

5: The emission of Beston waste  tire/rubber/plastic pyrolysis plant meets the European environmental protection emission standard.











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Interested in our products? Please give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply to you in 6 hours.

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