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Self-loading concrete mixer AS-4.0

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  • Oil Tank:

    16 Liters

  • Reducer:


  • Hydraulic Pump:


  • Hydraulic Motor:


  • Water Tank:


  • Water Supply:

    Time Relay

  • Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):


  • Wheelbase (mm):


  • Curb Weight (Kg):


  • Drive Form:

    Torque Converter

  • Max.Speed (Km/h):


  • Maximum Grade:


  • Maximum Turning Radius (mm):


  • Minimum Ground Clearance (mm):


  • Equipment Model:

    AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Truck

  • Engine Model:


  • Rated Power:


  • Gear Box Model:

    ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox

  • Gear:

    2 Forward 2 Back

  • Fuel Tank:


  • Total Hydraulic System Capacity:

    170 Liters

Whats is the self-loding concrete mixer truck?

Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a device that combines the functions of a concrete transport truck and a concrete batching plant. It integrates concrete loading, metering, mixing, transportation, and discharging in one device, which can realize concrete transportation and on-site concrete construction.The device has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced production time and cost, and has the characteristics of simple, fast and easy operation.

Self-loading concrete mixer trucks are widely used in the construction industry, especially suitable for working conditions that are far away from commercial concrete bacthing plant with high concrete demand and poor traffic conditions. This product is an intermediate product of commercial concrete bacthing plants and small manual mixers, and it is also the concrete industry Supplement products.

The vehicle directly saves about $15-20 per cubic meter in bicycle work, and saves 4-5 manpower. It is characterized by low cost, less labor and high efficiency.

What are the functions of the self-loading concrete mixer truck?

1. Self-loading mixer truck can mix concrete on-site with driving function, it can be driven by 4 wheels, and has a small turning radius, good environmental adaptability, the use of engineering tires, strong grip and adapt to mountain road conditions;

2. Compact body design, flexible and flexible, good passability;

3. The self-loading truck itself can load sand, gravel, cement and water into the mixing tank, and during the loading process, the sand, gravel, and cement materials can be measured, and water can be automatically and quantitatively added to accurately mix the concrete;

4. The self-loading mixing tank can forwardly mix concrete and reverse discharge. The mixing tank can rotate a certain angle as a whole, and the mixing tank can stand within a certain range to increase the discharge speed.

5. Self-loading mixer truck has water storage function;

6. Self-loading mixer truck has traction function;

What parts does a self-loading car consist of?

How does self-loading concrete mixer truck work?

Advantages of self-loading concrete mixer truck

1. All major hydraulic components are imported

2. Save at least 5 labors per day working

3. No mixer required, save at least 100 degrees per day

4. No need for concrete transporter

5. No loader loading


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Interested in our products? Please give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply to you in 6 hours.

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